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Who’s designing and handcrafting all that contemporary jewellery for v2designworks?

Welcome to v2designworks. I create contemporary abstract jewellery with inspirations from a microscopic level to the vastness of the universe.

Working with sterling silver and gold as my medium, I explore the macrocosm in a fresh and unique way, with a passion for bringing you visionary jewellery designs.

Modern Concept Jewelry - About v2designworks Collage

I’m Carolyn, and I design contemporary jewellery for the sophisticated non-conformist using traditional hand fabrication methods and tools.

I come from a family of artists, architects, writers, nature lovers, and nurturers. Art in any form delights me, but I get the greatest sense of satisfaction by creating jewellery that combines my love of nature, sculpture, and social justice.

At a young age, I became intrigued by the symbolism used in ancient Latvian jewellery, its history and its links to Viking adornment.  My creations are greatly influenced by my background, and the strong connection Latvians have with nature and craft, and much of the jewellery I create borrows from the Nordic, Baltic, and Pagan history and traditions of my ancestors.

I live and work in Toronto, and began designing and creating with precious metals when I happened upon jewellery design at the Ontario College of Art. As a former student of sculpture and graphic design, I use the principles learned from those disciplines in my works.

Some of the commissioned work I have done include promotional pieces for advertising agencies including jewellery pieces created for and used in a Lexus advertisement.

I’m here to help you discover just the right piece of jewellery that fulfills your desire to step away from and surpass mediocrity. At v2designworks you will find modern abstract jewellery that will enrich and complement your unique and personal voice.


Express your distinct identity with adornment that inspires you to share your authentic self with the world.

v2designworks dares you to think, encourages the exploration of new ideas, perceptions, and the breaking down of self-imposed boundaries.


Be Brave. Escape “Average”. Be Authentic.

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