Mankind owns its destiny, and its destiny is the earth.

We are destroying it until we have no destiny. – Frida Kahlo

Sketch of Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico City, Mexico (1907). She is recognized as one of Mexico’s greatest artists; however, little is ever mentioned about her rebellious nature and desire to make a change in the world.

In her adolescence, she adopted a sort of romantic socialism that was combined with cultural nationalism. Her artwork often dealt with gender roles, abortion, pregnancy, and conception – topics that women did not feel free to address in public.


Photo of Frida Kahlo

Sexism and racism are parallel problems. You can compare them in some ways, but they’re not at all the same. But they’re both symptoms inside the white male power structure. – Frida Kahlo

Photo of Frida Kahlo

Search for the mysterious blossoming fern in the moonlight.

The Frida Earrings

Frida Kahlo has always been one of my favourite artists and to celebrate the life and work of Frida I have created these sterling silver kinetic arc dangle earrings. Much symbolism is used, from the long column that represents Frida’s spine to the arches that create wings for Frida to fly instead of walk.

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