May 6, 2017 | Uncategorized

Jewelry Inspired by Brave Women


This year, I felt like it was necessary to add some extra positivity into the world with a collection aimed to inspire and empower women everywhere through my designs. The Solidarity Collection is just that – a jewelry collection inspired by brave women who have created positive change in the world.

Think of women such as Gloria Steinem or Maya Angelou – These women have done so much good for not just the world and society, but for women everywhere. Their work continues to inspire and us and give women everywhere courage to make an impact on their reality. As I handcrafted each piece of the Solidarity Collection, I thought about these women and what they meant to me and everyone they have impacted. I hope that whoever wears a piece from the Solidarity Collection can feel the energy of each piece.

Working part-time for the Toronto District School Board, for the past six years at City View Alternative School where our focus is on social justice. We aim to inspire both young women and men to give back to the community and realize the power they have to make positive change around them. This belief is what inspired me to begin such a collection, it’s something that has been percolating over the years, and I wanted to find a way to share this philosophy – one of positive change – with everybody.

I finished the final piece of the Solidarity Collection on International Women’s Day, 2017. Now, it’s released and getting positive feedback. I hope that whoever purchases a piece from the collection feels a special bond with the women who inspired it and that it makes the owner feel brave, empowered, and capable of anything.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the collection and hear about what women inspire you. Feel free to comment on our social media or send me an email. The collection will continue to evolve over time – so perhaps you may see your suggestions come to life!

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