Modern Space-Age Inspired Jewellery

The MODRA collection finds inspiration from the far reaches of space. Within and beyond our galaxy there lay secrets we have yet to discover, beauty beyond belief, and destructive powers that exceed our comprehension.

The human race has taken but one small step to commence the exploration of space and with the technological limits that throttle humanity’s curiosity we move but at a snail’s pace.


Imagination, however, does not have the same constraints and freely roams beyond both physical and abstract borders.

Journey with me as I trip the light fantastic from one galaxy to another.


My Space / Atomic Age fascination began with a trip to Disney World and the very long line-up for Space Mountain. Directed through a “future world” exhibit to ease the passage of time, I saw sights that will forever be burned into my psyche. This love of Science Fiction and the Atomic Age was further reinforced when I later discovered the literary works of Aldus Huxley, Ray Bradbury, and Kurt Vonnegut. Films like Logan’s Run, Metropolis, and my all-time favorite Blade Runner have all had some influence in developing this collection of modern Atomic Age inspired jewelry.

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