Jul 24, 2018 | DIARY

What’s in a name?
After using VenusVelvet as my moniker for over 25 years, I have decided to change my business name to v2design.
 Why? Because I got so terribly tired of people, men usually, asking me if I was a stripper. Who knows what would possess someone to ask such a question…  Yes, the name is stripper-esque, but the origins are far from the world of burlesque and bare breasts.
Many moons ago, when I was in Art College, my cousin gave me a copy of a radio show her partner had worked on – The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders.
The story begins with a green velvet chair delivered to Jack, courtesy of the mysterious Venus Velvet. What ensues is a truly incredible adventure in a world of flying pirate ships.
I was so very captivated by that show that I listened to those cassette tapes over and over on my Walkman. Tim, my cousin’s partner at that time, worked on many other shows that ZBS produced, and I purchased many of them and loved each one equally… but Jack Flanders was the first and Venus Velvet was the catalyst for this adventure.
Some of you might remember Venus Velvet pencils . They were among the first drawing tools I used as a child, and it seemed fitting that take on that nome de plume as I made my way through Art College.
But now it’s time for VenusVelvet to retire –
She has danced her last dance, taken a final bow and has left the stage.



I’m Karo, a jewellery designer + metalsmith inspired by women’s history, ancient Baltic/Nordic cultures, and the cosmos.

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